Minecraft Survival/Creative Server

server address: smp.esrock.net

Our SMP server has a few different world types
The server uses Bukkit and several plugins that allow us to have multiple worlds. Anyone can visit the server and different worlds. Guests can always build on the guest creative flat world: /warp guest To be able to build on all the exciting worlds and have access to more commands, please apply here. Then eventually you will be added to the list of Users.

UREC - United Realms of Esrock Creative
This was our first SMP server, originally from the alpha version. It is geared to be fun and safe, so monsters, animals, and PVP are turned OFF and Creative Mode is turned on. There are many well established cities in UREC, but you are free to build your own. Caeford (/warp caeford) is the capital of the Esrock Empire and is the key component of the United Realms. Caeford has many spectacular buildings. It is worth it to get on and check them out!

CF - Creative Flat
This is a flatland, creative world. It features many great builds: /warp cf

ES - Esrock Survival
Factions, monsters, animals, PVP, and Survival Mode are turned on. The spawn area is a neat little city and there are protected outposts in each direction. The entire spawn area is protected but everyone including guests are free to build outside it in the wild.

Esrock Community, a division of EverythingEZ